Wave Electric 28 MPH Bike

The Fastest and Most Affordable Electric Bike EVER!


The World’s Most Affordable Electric Bike Ever!

The Wave eBike is revolutionizing the electric bike market! This super low priced eBike is packed with features, including an incredibly powerful 750-Watt motor with a 28 MPH top speed and cross-functional, all-purpose tires. The Wave eBike has an effective range of over 52 miles!

As an added bonus to our backers, the more Wave eBikes we sell the lower your shipping price becomes. Right now, the most you will ever pay for shipping is $199 within the USA and $250 internationally. This is the eBike best deal ever offered to the public!

Wave eBike Features

Top of the line specs at the lowest price ever.

The Wave eBike offers a comfortable and stylish designed packed with features you’d expect to find in electric bikes costing $2,000 to $3,000.

Any place, any time.

Want to get from point A to point B? Now you can get there in style…and you won’t be exhausted when you get there. Or just cruise for over 52 miles without a destination in mind! Riding the Wave eBike, you can transport yourself with ease around the city, to the beach, work, and to anywhere your heart desires. The Wave eBike can tackle sand, grass, dirt, or pavement. It’s a full-package, sustainable transportation solution!

Powerful Hub Motor

Long Lasting Samsung Battery

The Wave eBike comes standard with a 48-volt 750-watt hub motor, which means no maintenance, no issues, and a bike that propels you at speeds up to 28 mph. The Wave eBike offers hill climbing like no other! Equipped with a 48-volt 12-Amp hour (Ah) battery with Samsung cells, you’ll be riding for 50% longer than on the vast majority of electric bikes. Our tests have reached ranges of over 52 miles on a single charge with pedal assist!

Lowest Price EVER!

100% Street Legal

We encourage you to shop around for other eBikes just to prove how drastically low we are pricing our Wave eBike. Even with a go-to-market MSRP of $999 you will have a really hard time finding anything else priced this low and definitely not with the top speed and range that the Wave eBike offers. With no type of license required, our Wave eBike allows you to ride freely wherever you live, confident that you’re in compliance with all the rules of the road. (The one exception is New York, where electric bikes and scooters aren’t street legal, but even there, you can still enjoy the Wave at your local park or on biking trails).

All Purpose


The Wave eBike was designed around the concept of a typical beach cruiser, with added comfort and durability (not to mention the battery and motor to make it an electric bike). With fully cross-functional tires, the Wave eBike allows you to ride through the city, along the beach, and everywhere in between. No matter what your mood may be, the Wave eBike can tackle the terrain of your choice. Sit back and relax with the twist of the throttle and cruise on the fully electric motor, or pedal on your own as you would with a classic bicycle. For maximum range, use hybrid mode by pedaling while using the electric motor.

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