YikeBike is a driven group of inspirational people, whose vision, courage and commitment dares to change the world. With bicycle design unchanged for over 100 years, YikeBike’s unique configuration challenges the status quo.

YikeBike has invested years of research and development validated by 1000’s of hours testing that culminate at the bespoke production facility in New Zealand.

Headquarters and manufacturing are in Christchurch New Zealand where the stringent quality and assembly systems are in our full control. Christchurch is an internationally recognised High Technology hub where we leverage our relationships for technology with local electronics and component suppliers to ensure leading edge and robust solutions.


YikeBike owners join an exclusive club in the world of people who appreciate and value design, freedom, innovation, and award winning products. YikeBike has been developed by a team who dared to change the world and believe in a better form of personal transport.


Precise production and selection of unique materials means we can only manufacture to offer a select number of customers who appreciate value, quality and innovation. It’s a labour of love for our assembly technicians to ensure each vehicle is worthy of the YikeBike badge.

Award Winning

Worldwide acclimation :- Appeared on the front page of TIME magazine, on permanent display at London’s Design Museum, iF product design award winner, Guinness World Record holder, other design awards including: BEST Product design award, HiTech Hardware award, WIPO Innovative Inventions, German design award, Green Dot sustainability, and finalist in the ‘Nobel Prize’ for sustainability.



YikeBike delivers your personal freedom. Freedom from congestion, freedom from rush hour traffic, freedom from parking hassles and freedom from fuel bills. YikeBike provides you the freedom you have desired for so long …


YikeBike design offers an indulgence, fun and freedom encompassed inside technology. YikeBike is a fashion statement and an extension of your personality. Innovative design delivers time, safety and efficiencies in portability.


Every part of a YikeBike is for a reason and everything is in its place. It’s uncompromised design with structured clean lines balances both form and function. YikeBike is a mobile piece of art that stands proud and performs.

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