ZBoard 2: The Most Advanced Electric Skateboard

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Lean Forward to Go. Lean Back to Stop.

After your first ride, you’ll realize that there is nothing else in the world quite like it! Even if you’ve never ridden a skateboard before, the ZBoard’s intuitive control will have you carving in no time with its weight-sensing foot pads. Speed control is completely variable – cruise at walking speed or race to its top speed of 20 miles per hour.

Leaning back kicks in regenerative braking, meaning you can safely descend hills while also recharging the battery.

ZBoard 2: Blue and Pearl Editions

This campaign is the result of customer feedback and dozens of hardware and software iterations.

The ZBoard 2 comes in two models: the Blue Edition (16 miles/charge, 16 lbs.) and Pearl Edition (24 miles/charge, 18 lbs.). With a range that is two, three, or even four times the range of other electric skateboards on the market, the ZBoard 2 will have you riding without any concern of running out of juice.

Brushless Motor, Natural Coasting

Our new 500W brushless motor is faster, more powerful, and more efficient than previous ZBoard motors. The brushless design allows for more natural coasting, allowing you to push the ZBoard when the battery expires or is turned off.


Grab and Go Anywhere: Lightweight and Splashproof

By using waterproof connectors the ZBoard can be ridden on wet surfaces without fear of damage to the electronics. Though the board mechanically can handle water exposure, we do not recommend riding in the rain due to potential rusting of components and loss of traction.

Featuring a lightweight 16 lb design and two integrated handles, ZBoard 2’s ergonomic design makes it easy to pick up, carry, and store. Speed up your commute, forget about parking, & enjoy running errands with the most portable electric vehicle on the market!

See and Be Seen

The ZBoard’s LED headlights and taillights are the brightest integrated lights of any personal electric vehicle. These hi-power LEDs have three modes – on, off and blinking – which the rider can choose depending on the situation.  You’ll turn heads as these LEDs make it easier for you to see the road and for the road to see you.

Battery Meter and Speed Charger

The ZBoard’s power button is surrounded by a multi-color LED ring that changes colors as the battery diminishes.

ZBoard 2’s charger recharges from 0-100% in approximately 90 minutes. It is 110v – 240v ready and will work in the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, and more.


About Us

Based in Northern California, our team is made up of electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers who share a love for extreme sports. We introduced the original ZBoard in 2012 and have listened to the feedback from our riders all over the world.  We are incredibly excited to implement that feedback into the ZBoard 2. Funds from this project will go towards finalizing design, tooling, testing, and more. We are excited to have you as a customer and we can’t wait to get you riding theZBoard 2: The Most Advanced Electric Skateboard ever!

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