Real ‘Tron’ light cycle is a real value at $77,000

A ridable electric motorcycle replica from the 2010 Disney reboot was recently auctioned for much more than expected. Seems worth it to us.


We now have a better idea of how much it will cost you to ride the light, Tron-style. A drivable replica of the light cycle from the 2010 Disney reboot of “Tron” sold at auction earlier this month for the relative “bargain” price of just $77,000 (about £49,360, AU$97,390).

That’s almost half the price of a limited-edition run of Tron-esque Lotus motorcycles that were designed in concert with Daniel Simon, one of the creative minds behind the modern Tron look. The Lotus C-01 sells for $140,000 and comes with a snappy 200-horsepower motor designed to tear up the asphalt in style, compared with the 96-volt electric motor in the actual 2011 custom light cycle replica, which has never hit public roads according to the RM Auctions auction house that brokered its sale.
Before selling on May 2, the light cycle homage wasn’t expected to fetch much more than $40,000 (about £26,750, AU$51,410) at auction, but clearly there are some Tron fan boys or girls out there who have been dreaming of riding the light in real life, perhaps since the original film and arcade game dropped in 1982.

For some of us on the younger side of Generation X, that arcade game was one of the first that was more enticing than a trip to the pool on a summer day, setting legions of grade school students on a nerdier trajectory forever. I suppose if you don’t have the technical chops to build your own light cycle VR mock-up to recapture that magic, like this guy, it might be worth dropping 70 large on one that someone else built.

For those without the absurd disposable cash required to make such purchases, there’s always Ultimate Frisbee Tron discs. Of course, if you show up at the field riding your new light cycle, you pretty much win by default.

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