The ELECTRICMOOD revolution

We wanted to ride a portable transportation foldable device that would be, at the same time, light, powerful, silent, beautiful, safe, fun and comfortable to use… After 4 years of development and test, an incredible technology made this dream come true.

Now, the ELECTRICMOOD is the greatest scooter ever. Thanks to a new direct drive brushless engine system, we can achieve a weight as low as 22 lbs (10 kg) together with great features:

  • 12″ inflatable tires
  • Front and rear disk brakes
  • 500W engine
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Fast charger
  • Front and rear LED headlights
  • Quick and convenient folding system

Our scooter provides an extended range to your lifestyle. It can be used instead of or together with public transports to reach your destination with fun. You can charge it everywhere, and save time.

  • 12 miles autonomy
  • Top speed limited to 16 mph by software
  • Maximum charge time of 1 hour
  • Very small footprint when folded: 37″ x 22″ x 8″ (925 mm x 570 mm x 205 mm)

A great design

The design imagined by eliumstudio is splendid.All the functionalities are smoothly integrated in pure shapes that work perfectly together. The slick aspect of the scooter makes it easy to fit at work or at home.  And ELECTRICMOOD riders look cool!

A great engine

The ELECTRICMOOD couldn’t be so light without this innovative engine. It is an axial flux direct drive brushless engine completely developed in-house. This patented engine provides a high level of integration, a great power density and highly reduced weight. It is also very efficient while freewheeling providing a lower power consumption and enabling a “push” scooter usage.

An incredible riding experience

It feels like floating over an air cushion…

  • The 12” tires provide stability and an efficient absorption of the road bumps
  • The disk breaks give you plenty of breaking power to stop your ride
  • The mudguards keep you dry when the road is wet

The ELECTRICMOOD turns the burden of transportation into a fun and enjoyable activity.

Because the engine provides very little friction, you can also use it as a push scooter, increasing the range to virtually infinity!

A smart folding system

The folding system makes the ELECTRICMOOD very compact. When folded it fits in a 37″ x 22″ x 8″ volume. You can lay it horizontally under your desk while charging at work, or vertically close to a power outlet in a bar. Thanks to the integrated charger your ELECTRICMOOD can recharge anywhere, anytime.

And it rolls !

With two tiny wheels arranged on the chassis, the ELECTRICMOOD can be moved around like a small suitecase.


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