Bolt – The World’s Most Portable Electric Vehicle

The smallest and lightest electric skateboard in the world! Extremely portable for everyday commute!

What is Bolt

We often need a way to move for short everyday trips. But how?

Walking is too slow and time consuming. Most of the time taking the car is cumbersome  and useless because you need to find space for parking. The bicycle must always be locked and made safe otherwise can be stolen. Even if you use  public transport, you still need a last mile solution small enough to be carried with you everywhere.

Today, we are happy to present Bolt, a super portable electric vehicle.

It’s not just an electric skateboard. Bolt is something new. It is the smallest electric vehicle in the world.

A small great revolution in the world of transportation

Bolt is the first really portable vehicle that can be carried anywhere. At home, in the classroom or in the office.

It is an amazing mean of transport: small, lightweight, easy to use, with the low power consumption and smart.

Bolt gives its best in short trips from home. Go to the train station, to class, to the gym, to university, to the library…


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Save Time and Money

Bolt lets you save time on your daily commute and free more for your favorite activities. More time in the day to do what you love.

Use Bolt for the short movement in the city instead of your car and save money on fuel.


It has a top speed of 21km/h (13 mph) and it’s just as fast as a bicycle!

It has a range of about 10km (6.5miles), more than what you need for the short daily commute in the city.


With a size of 60x25x10.5cm (23.5x10x4 inches) it is the smallest electric skateboard in the world and is compact enough to be carried anywhere.


And with 4kg (9 lbs) of weight, it is light enough to be carried with no effort on your backpack or by hand when not in use.

Walking is nice but not when you have no time. From now on, no need to get sweat running because you are late. Just enjoy the ride.

And walk only when you feel like, not because you have to.

USB Port

Bolt has a built-in standard USB port that can be used to recharge your devices on the go. Bolt’s battery is so powerful that can recharge your iPhone up to 20 times!

Technical Specs

Size: 60x25x10cm (23x10x4 inches)

Weight: 4kg (9 pounds)

Power: 2000W, Sensored Motor

Battery: 5000mAh LiPo

Materials: Multiple Ply Wood

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy

Integration: Smartphone App and wearables (stretch goals)

Charging:  From empty to full in about 60-90 minutes

The Story

My name is Lorenzo Cella, I’m a robotic engineering student and a commuter. Every day I take the train to go to university. From home I have to walk to the station, take the train and once there I have to walk to class. I have to do the reverse path back home every noon. I’ve counted that I spend 1 hour and 30 minutes walking everyday, 7km (4.5 miles) . I noticed that covering this distance by foot every day, in addition to waste my time, makes me get home tired and with little desire to do anything else.

I thought of several possible alternatives to move more quickly and with less effort. Some commuters use the bike. But the bike on the train increases the cost of the ticket and not all allow the shipping, also is bulky and easy to steal. After thinking about it I realized that the ideal means of transport would have to be small enough to take with me.

Something like this would be an electric skateboard, but the ones on the market are all modified longboard, long and heavy. It is not what I was looking for.

For this reason I created Bolt: the world’s smallest and lightest electric vehicle in the world.

Compact enough to be carried in the classroom, on the train or in the office and light enough to be loaded on the backpack when not in use.

To build the Bolt I got help from my father, a photographer, electronics engineer and drones pilot. Over the years, we have made several tech projects together and gained experience in the field of brushless motors, lithium-ion battery, radio technology. For example we made an electric bike, some multicopters and a lot of tech equipment for photography. Usually I take care of the software and design and him of electronics and mechanics.

After a year of testing and prototyping, we built the final version from the ground up. All you see is a single board that contains all the electronics and the power to take you to 21km/h (13mph). All the technology is hidden from sight.

Stretch Goals

Integrated Lights Led: 100k

Embedded Led lights, white in front and red in the back. Turn them on/off with Bolt’s remote control.

iPhone App: 150k

Control your Bolt with your iPhone or iPad, check the stats and turn on/off the lights. (Requires Bluetooth 4, so it’s compatible from iPhone 4S to the last one)

Android App: 200k

Control your Bolt with your Android Phone, check the stats and turn on/off the lights (Requires Bluetooth 4 connectivity on your phone).

Customized Bolt: Unlimited Colors 250k

Right now there are only 2 colors available: white and black. With this stretch goal you can unleash the power of the colors and choose your favorite for the board and the wheels.

User Interchangable Battery: 400k

We do believe that Bolt’s range is more than enough for the daily use. But if you want to travel with no limits, carrying with you additional batteries, now you can.

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