Cycling self balancing unicycle altogether is divided into five steps. In order to use this unicycle correctly, you should carefully read the instruction and follow the order. Before mastering the previous step, you should not try the back of the steps, which will help you to master the basic skills of cycling faster and more solid.

The first step is to connect the power supply. You can use one hand to grab the handle, and put the unicycle upright on the ground with the two pedals unfolded. Then, you can short press power key to open the unicycle power supply, and the green lights at this time.

How To Use Electric Self Balancing Unicycle 1 connect the power supply,

The second step is to try to stand. You need to make your left foot stand on the foot pedal and keep your body standing. You should use your left foot to control the balance of the unicycle, and make your feet close to the chassis.
how to use self balancing unicycle 2 try to stand
The third step is to do straight line moving. You must shift the most gravity to the self balancing unicycle, and meanwhile gently push to the back with your right foot. The unicycle will walk forward. In the process of cycling, you should keep your body balance, and at the same time, you need to put your right foot on the respectively pedal quickly and lightly. You can control the acceleration or deceleration though leaning forward or back.
How To Use Electric Self Balancing Unicycle 3 straight line moving
The fourth step is to learn to turn. By adjusting the strength of feet trample, you can adjust the tilt of the unicycle to turn the unicycle. Through constant practice, it can achieve expected shifting effect.
How To Use Electric Self Balancing Unicycle 4 learn to turn
The fifth step is to get off the self balancing unicycle and stop cycling. You can lean back slightly, and slow the unicycle until it stops. Then, you can make a foot off the pedal and use one hand to protect the unicycle, and after that, you can make the other foot off the pedal. Finally, you should turn off the power supply and fold the to use self balancing unicycle 5 get off the self balancing unicycle and stop cycling

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