Along with the unceasing enhancement of people’ s material standard of living, the acceleration of urbanization and economic development, car is said to be the travel tool in every family, causing car prices down gradually to meet the needs of the market. But, one thing that must be careful is the continuous soaring oil prices, making many people feel helpless. Many car owners face the embarrassment that they can afford a car but can’ t afford to drive a car.
Electric UnicycleElectric Unicycle
Electric unicycle is a kind of high-tech equipment, applying intelligent transportation technology and electric power output, fairly useful and helpful in dealing with the public worry of higher oil prices. The unicycle becomes the robust product in most metropolitan region. Electric unicycle adopts Japan’ s high performance battery as power output, having no fuel consumption and pollution and costing no expenditure on oil. It is absolutely an excellent equipment for the public to go sightseeing and travel.
Electric UnicycleElectric Unicycle

This electric unicycle is powered by battery and driven by electricity, which is not uncommon in the daily life of ordinary people. But, no matter it is electric cars or electric automobile, there may be the loss of the electricity, the battery capacity not enough to support longer range, demanding frequent charging, and the battery performance destruction and so on. Electric unicycle is different from and traditional electric car and electric automobile, and it applies Japan’ s high performance battery as power. On the layout, it tries its best to shrink body load, making the electric unicycle smaller volume, less weight, and more excellent dynamic performance. If you are going to travel or have a sightseeing, this new fashionable and convenient electric unicycle is absolutely a good equipment for you to have, since it plays an important role in daily life.

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