As the emerging green intelligence travel tool, self balancing electric vehicle is well known to more and more people slowly. This market is also gradually slowly open, so the question comes. In the face of increasingly large and wide range of consumers and using groups, how can self balancing electric vehicle improve stability and keep themselves? Today, IPS, as the leading brand of self balancing electric vehicle on the market, will analyze for you in details.
In fact, from the concern of the consumers and the users, it is just about the following aspects. Firstly, it is about the weight of the vehicle. Although 70 percent of the users are male, there are still many women use it. The general weight of the vehicle is 10kg, and the heaviest is even 14kg. In terms of the weight, for male users, it must be easy and effortless. For women, however, it is relatively a bit overweight. In using process, it will be inevitably to carry it when getting off the vehicle. Sometimes, on the intersection, or bus and subway, it is really a bit heavy for female consumers to carry the vehicle. So, the future development of the electric vehicle is in the direction of more lightweight change.
The other important aspect is the range. The range of the existing models is basically between 18 and 30km, and the main users are white-collar workers, used to commute. For users who have a long way to go for work, the range of the self balancing electric vehicle may not be able to fully meet their demands. So, in the future development, the range of the electric vehicle will be divided, allowing consumers to choose the most suitable one according to their own demands, which is quite necessary and practical.

According to the feedback of consumers and the users, IPS self balancing unicycle will continuously adjust and optimize the self balancing electric vehicle product line to satisfy more and more people.

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