Hello, I am self balancing electric unicycle. Recently, I have been uncle the supervision of policeman. But actually, I am a good boy. Due to the supervision, I have to hide everywhere, and I am wronged. I have a lot of words from the heart to say. Today,I’ d like to share my opinion with you.
Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
As a matter of fact, I have a lot of advantages. First and foremost, I am environment protecting. Unlike the battery cart, I use 18650 battery as power supply. So, I can realize zero emission, quite eco-friendly. It is no doubt that the self balancing electric unicycle has a vital role in establishing green earth.
Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
Moreover, I am safe to use. It is known that the United States has a famous electric car brand Tesla, respected and sought after by many environmentalists. It uses 6000 Panasonic battery as a power source, and my power is similar with it, so that both of us are inherently safe.
Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
Self balancing electric unicycle can save road and public parking resources, because my size and area covered are small. Compared with battery cart and bicycle, I take much smaller road and parking resources. So, no matter I am in the state of stopping or walking, I have more advantages than other auxiliary transportation.
Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
Besides, as a self balancing electric unicycle, the biggest advantage is that I can solve the problem of people traveling the last kilometer. Because I am small in body, easy to carry and convenient to store, it is very convenient to bring me to bus or subway. I am the favorite of office workers, and I am the best partner of people who buy food, go to the supermarket or walk the dog.

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