Self balancing Electric unicycle is a new transport and a fashionable travel tool. But, it is a great task to know how to purchase a good unicycle. According to my years of experience and reference, I make a summary to show you how to choose and buy high quality unicycle clearly.

How to choose a good self balancing Electric unicycle?

Firstly, you should watch the brand. In general, new technology of each new brand  is not mature, and the BUG could not be found out all by itself. The unicycle comes out to take market as soon as possible, so that consumers become rats, free for manufacturers to do experiments, which will damage the interests of consumers. It is better to choose famous brand product, not the new one.

Secondly, you should care about the enterprise qualification. The most intuitive is to visit its official website. If the enterprise does not even have the official website, you can directly not consider it.

Thirdly, you must pay attention to its product description. There are some brands of electric unicycle who use other brands’ certificates and pictures. They do blind imitation, even not dealing with manufacturer and product model on the certificate. I have seen that kind of product before.

Fourthly, after deciding the brand, you can choose the model you like or prefer.

How to buy a good self balancing unicycle?

When you start learning riding unicycle, you should buy high quality product for yourself, as it is easy to cause damages during learning process. I have seen too many times that inferior machine motor is burned or shell is burst, and sometimes, the aluminum pedals will burst, as the product has low quality.

When buying self balancing unicycle, you should ask whether it has its own factory or not. After ensuring it has its own factory, it turns to be high quality product. When buying unicycle, you should care about its after-sales service, which is basic commitment of all brands. But, there is still difference in parts guaranteed and warranty period, so that you need to pay a close attention to that.

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