We are living in an age with science and technology highly developed, and previously unthinkable things maybe come true when wake up tomorrow. In terms of self balancing electric unicycle, since IPS, the first self balancing electric unicycle brand, opens the Chinese market, there has been a great development in just a few years. As the leading brand on the market, IPS has imagined the future development direction of the electric unicycle, hoping to achieve it in the near future.
Self Balancing Electric Unicycle
Now, compared with traffic tools such as automobile and battery cart, self balancing electric unicycle has greatly reduced its weight. But, it relatively produces some burden as it is currently sold in 10kg weight. If riding distance is longer, carrying with a charger, the burden is bigger. If in the future, the unicycle can use solar, wind or thermal power generation, it can not only remove the battery and charger from the unicycle, thus greatly reducing the weight of the unicycle, but also save the steps for charging, bringing more convenience.
Self Balancing Electric UnicycleSelf Balancing Electric Unicycle
Moreover, although the self balancing electric unicycle is an intelligent product, it is not equipped with GPS system. Maybe in the future, the electric unicycle can be equipped with this system like computers and mobile phones, and then it can be positioned by mobile phones, so that there is no need for you to worry about the loss of the unicycle. This future imagination and innovation of the electric unicycle is really amazing and appealing.  

In addition to the lightweight and safety considerations, the electric unicycle will develop towards multi-functional and personalized direction in the future. After all, consumers choose self balancing electric unicycle because it can highlight personality. It is quite clear that no matter it is product or industry, the electric unicycle will shine brilliantly in the future.

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