Electric Self Balancing unicycle is a kind of electric driven transportation vehicle, and it is one of the traffic tool for city, unprecedented new means of transport. This unicycle has been used in personal transportation, work patrol, indoor venues, golf carts, police patrol, exhibition, large venue staff transportation, tourism, entertainment and many other aspects, extremely useful and practical in daily life. To buy a good unicycle for practical use, here are some notes you should pay close attention to.


Firstly, it must be lithium iron phosphate lithium battery that provides power supply for the unicycle. The traditional lead-acid battery can not meet the requirements of power supply for the unicycle. If using lead-acid battery, the unicycle will have low performance, only suitable for flat riding slowly, and not suitable for climbing, grass and other bad environment. When purchasing unicycle, you should notice its battery clearly.

Secondly, you should check its comfort. A lot of electric self balancing unicycle has poor level of comfort, such as platform easy to shake and seriously violently, turning easy to control and easy to take people out once speed up, which are very dangerous. Thus, when buying unicycle, you should consider its comfort carefully.

Thirdly, you should care about its extensibility. This is now a trend. As the phone APP launched, the unicycle will also become a kind of mobile hardware platform and an important entrance to Internet. The unicycle is working on the combination of phone APP with the unicycle. It will be a great achievement, making your life more convenient and easier.

When buying electric self balancing unicycle for yourself, you should not forget to consider the above three aspects. Paying close attention to those notes, you will surely be able to find the most excellent and suitable self balancing unicycle for yourself.

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