If you are a new beginner, it is suggested that after you get the Unicycle, you can install auxiliary wheels on your electric unicycle, in order to avoid breaking down and protecting the unicycle from damages. The installing methods of the auxiliary wheels are easy and simple, divided into five steps.
auxiliary wheelsauxiliary wheels
The first step is to open the aluminum pedals on the both sides of the Unicycle.
auxiliary wheels
The second step is to put the auxiliary wheel tightly under the pedal side, ensuring the screw holes position to be correct.
auxiliary wheels
The third step is to fix auxiliary wheel fixed plate with screws, making sure that it can screw well. This is vital and essential in installing auxiliary wheel well. You must pay close attention to it.
auxiliary wheels
The fourth step is to install the other auxiliary wheel on the other side in the same way.

The fifth step is to check whether there is shaking or not after installed. If there is shaking, you should adjust it in time.
auxiliary wheels
From the above, you can know how to install auxiliary wheels of electric unicycle clearly. After easy and simple installing of auxiliary wheels, you can learn riding unicycle more safely and securely at ease.

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