Electric self balancing unicycle soaking has great influences on the performance of the unicycle, mainly focusing on the following three aspects.
Firstly, although motor controller has waterproof design, the water proofing property is usually not very good. It is likely to directly cause the controller burnt out because there is water into the controller. Secondly, if there is water in the motor, the junction will have short circuit, especially water deep situation. Thirdly, if battery box has water, it will directly lead to negative short circuit. The consequences is to damage the battery, and the most serious consequence is a direct result of the battery burning or even explosion.
Self Balancing Unicycle
If electric self balancing unicycle soaking happens, what should you do?

At first, you should air dry the soaked battery and charge it after fully dried. Each brand of electric unicycle has applied a lot of waterproof measures, so if it is wet with the rain, the unicycle is generally does’ t matter. But, this does not mean that the electric unicycle is free to through in the water. It is specially reminded that you should not charge electric unicycle battery immediately after wet with rain, and you must put it in the open air to dry before charging.

And then, the controller soaking is easy to cause it short circuit and out of control. After electric unicycle soaking, you can unload the controller to wipe and dry the inside water. You can dry it again with the hair dryer and install it. It is better if you use the plastic to wrap up the controller, in order to increase the waterproof ability.

Besides, if you wade ride the unicycle, the water resistance is very big, easy to cause unbalance and out of control. If cycling in the water, you may meet the top open manhole cover by water, which is very dangerous. Thus, when meeting water road, you’ d better get off.

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