Toyota tests two electric vehicles in Dallas

Toyota held an event Monday at American Airlines Center for members of the press to test drive two electric vehicles, the Toyota i-Road and the Toyota Coms.

What these cars lack in size, they make up for in fun.


The i-Road concept, which looks like a mix between a Vespa and a Smart car (and Barbie’s dream car if you get it in pink), sits on three wheels and leans with you as you turn. It also comes in “Skittles” colors like lemon yellow and bright green.

The i-Road can only go 35 mph and, I was assured before I took the wheel, it’s incapable of tipping over.




The Coms looks more like a traditional electric vehicle, but it’s “ultra-compact.” It holds one driver and has some storage space in the back, perfect for your friendly neighborhood pizza deliverer.

The two cars are not for sale yet, but they are being used in a car-sharing program in France. Toyota allowed test drives in Japan earlier this year and plans to launch an open-road program there next month.

Toyota officials say the company hasn’t determined how they’ll be priced or even what category they fit into.

The overall goal, though, is to alleviate congestion in dense urban areas.

If you ever come across one of these cars on the road — they’re hard to miss — ask the driver if you can take it for a spin. You’ll feel like a kid at an amusement park.




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