Morgan 3-wheeler may enter production soon


In brief: New electric version of the classic Morgan 3-wheeler debuts as prototype that may enter production soon.

The Morgan Three Wheeler is one of the most recognizable three-wheeled cars on the road. With its open wheel, tadpole design (two wheels up front, one behind) and V-twin motorcycle engine up front, the Morgan two-seat roadster is a favorite weekender the world over. Now, the company is toying with the idea of an EV version.

The electric Morgan Three Wheeler, being called the EV3 (a combination of its electric vehicle status and three wheels), is a prototype unveiled recently and is, Morgan says, almost production-ready as it’s shown.

The car is a lot lighter than its combustion-powered counterpart and has a range of about 150 miles. It weighs less than 1,000 pounds and produces 101 horsepower. That is about 300 pounds lighter than the gas-powered version and a roughly equivalent power output.

Most of the development left to accomplish, Morgan says, is in the powertrain layout. The company is trying to find the best balance of range and power to match the EV3’s projected needs. They’re also testing the market a bit to see how well a car like this would sell.

And so …

The majority of Morgan Three Wheelers sold are sold as kits that are put together by professional garages and/or their owners. In this way, they can be imported to the U.S. without having to meet a lot of federal and local requirements for licensing. We expect the EV3 would be sold in a similar fashion if it made it across the pond.


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