Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S for kids hits the sidewalk in May

Via: engadget

Thanks to Radio Flyer, your kid can have their very own Tesla Model S this spring. The toymaker teamed up with Elon Musk & Co. to create a version of the all-electric sedan for younger drivers. The Tesla Model S for Kids (catchy name, for sure) retains its EV roots by packing in Flight Speed lithium-ion battery tech. The feature not only increases range — er, playtime — but also makes quick work of the recharging process, which takes as little as three hours. The battery is also removable, so you can keep a spare charged up. In fact, the charging unit itself looks an awful lot like those used for the full-size cars, and it connects to the kids version in a similar fashion.

There’s actually a lot of realistic details borrowed from the highway version. The kids model features working headlights, standard Model S paint schemes and a sound system that will accommodate a mobile device for some road trip tunes. What’s more, the children’s option has two speed settings that top out at 3 MPH and 6 MPH respectively. Unfortunately, there’s no word on autonomous features or that Ludicrous Mode. What we do know is the standard trim Model S for Kids will set you back $500, and it’s set to ship in May. For now, you can take a peek of the vehicle in action down below or mosey on over to the source link to pre-order.

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