Hoverboard Tips For Beginners

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are personalized means of travel. This consists of two motorized wheels attached to a pair of rigid pads on
which the driver positions his feet.

In fact, the rider can adjust the pace of the hoverboard by leaning forward
or backward and change the direction by turning the pads.

Tips For Beginners

  1. Always read the instructions

Through following the directions, your health and that of others will be assured, plus you will
know more about its different functions and eventually get the best out of what it has to deliver.

  1. Charge it properly before using

Generally speaking, hoverboards need no longer than one or two hours to
charge, and they don’t need to be plugged in and charged overnight. It is critical that you do not overload your hoverboard and follow
the manufacturer’s suggested charging times.

  1. Always wear a safety gear

Always wear you knee, and elbow pads and more importantly always wear your helmet.

  1. Start in learning mode

If you have Learning Mode on your hoverboard, use it until you feel comfo
table. Since Learning Modes usually control the maximum speed of the
hoverboard, you can practice balance and movement.

  1. Start mounting the hoverboard

As mentioned earlier, it’s a bit tricky to mount a hoverboard for the first
time. To make it a little less tricky, hold on to a solid structure like a wall or rail for stability and place your dominant foot on one of the pedals, take
your time then followed by the other foot.

  1. Start moving with the hoverboard

You should “think” on where you want to go and lean on it by moving your
weight forward and pushing your toes downward.

  1. Dismounting your hoverboard

Make sure your hoverboard has stopped completely, then step back with
your dominant foot, then quickly step off with your other foot. Getting off your hoverboard is just as tricky as getting on, but it gets less
frightening every time you do it.

Now you are good to go! And if you’re interested in getting a new Hoverboard you can visit wheelive.com we could help you with that.

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