GMC Hummer EV pickup truck for 2022

GM has officially restored the Hummer brand with the launch of the GMC Hummer EV pick-up truck tonight. We’re going to see a complete “super truck” with a super price tag. In January, GM announced the return of Hummer, a defunct truck brand best known for its oversized gas-guzzling trucks inspired by military humvees. After a few months of teasing, the automaker held an official unveiling ceremony for the GMC Hummer EV today.

Prior to the introduction of the electric pick-up truck, GM was leading the start of production in the fall of 2021, making it one of the most ambitious timelines in the race to bring electric pick-up trucks to the market.

The automaker says that people will still apply to the “waitlist” for the Edition 1 of the vehicle.

While it is amazing to sell, or to reserve, the version of a truck that represents the first full year of production in just one hour, GM does not reveal the amount of trucks that it expects to manufacture for the first year, or that it has opened up for reservations.

Video by: GMC

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