Tesla is hiring for its first battery cell factory

Tesla is now increasing production at its pilot production line in Fremont.

As we have previously mentioned, Tesla has developed the entire production system named Roadrunner in-house and is currently using the production line to upgrade its machinery with the intent of deploying a full-scale production plant using the production system.

Tesla is believed to be planning to deploy these full-scale battery cell factories in its new Gigafactory ventures in Berlin, Texas and China. Based on how work has gone, it seems like the battery factory in Berlin is going to be ready for the first time.

Now Tesla is looking to recruit people to head the battery cell development campaign in Berlin.

Tesla Gigafactory | Tesla

Tesla has not given a specific timetable for beginning the development of batteries at Gigafactory Berlin, but it is planned to start about the same time as the production of cars, which they are formally planning to achieve in July 2021. That’s because the automaker wants to use the current structural battery pack technology to manufacture the Model Y in Berlin, needing the new 4680 battery cells.

Watch this short video to see how quick tesla builds their factories.

Video by: The B1M

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