Silent Yachts Actively Implementing The Production Of Its Electric Catamarans

Silent Yachts, described as the “Tesla of the Seas,” are ramping up the output of their electric catamarans. The company now has 10 boats under construction and is growing its manufacturing ability to manufacture hundreds of electric boats a year. This does not seem like a lot, but the construction of boats may be a long process and difficult to deploy on a scale with larger vessels such as the Silent Yachts electric catamarans.

The Tesla of boats: Silent Yachts ramps up production of its electric  catamarans - Electrek

All of these vessels are powered by solar power and batteries. Depending on the scale, they can generate between 10 and 26 kW of solar power and have a battery capacity of between 150 and 532 kWh.

The latter is equal in energy power to more than 5 Tesla Model S sedans. Silent Yachts can only be powered by renewable energy with solar panels and batteries that supply electric motors or use a generator depending on the form of use.

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