Subaru’s Plan To Manufacture Electric Vehicles on 2021

We might have a Subaru Electric Car this 2021

Based on the comments of Subaru’s CEO, the rumored electric car crossover is likely to happen on 2021.

Subaru’s CEO Tomomi Nakamura mentioned on an interview about electric vehicles because of the concern of banning gasoline and diesel cars on the state of California on 2035.

The United States of America is one of the largest markets for Subaru and is aiming a outstanding 650,000 sales next year and with that statement, Subaru might launch their very own electric vehicle in the market to push that target sales to reality.

While the California rule is set to implement on 2035, the company is planning to go hybrid and electric on 2025 but they need to hasten up that plan.

They will partner with Toyota as for the development for this project. Toyota and Subaru announced on June 2019 that they will have a joint effort, not only they will work together on this but also on autonomous driving tech.

Subaru’s Crosstrek Hybrid is the only plug-in vehicles on the United States which uses Toyota’s derived hybrid system. It gets an EPA-rated 35 mpg combined in hybrid mode and 90 MPGe combined in electric mode, with 17 miles of electric range.

A 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is likely on the way to reality even.

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Cedric Brian Regis

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