Canoo Unveils a Pair of Electric Delivery Vans For 2022

Canoo Announced a Pair of Electric Delivery Vans Available in 2022

Electric vehicles are now the future of automobile. Not only they can reduce carbon emissions, they can also save companies a lot of money since electric vehicles requires less maintenance on the road. Electric-vehicle startup Canoo is targeting that demographic as it unveils its upcoming delivery vehicle lineup.

The startup will launch two different variants with a interesting futuristic look which has a starting price of $33,000 and it will offer up to 450 cubic feet of cargo room. The MPDV1, about a similar generally length as the Kia Niro yet around seven inches wider, has 200 cubic feet of load space.

Both will be fueled by a single motor on the front pivot yielding 200 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. The MPDV1 will be equipped with battery packs from 40.0 kWh to 80.0 kWh with EPA assessed goes from 130 to 230 miles. The MPDV2 will get a similar pack sizes, however with EPA assessed goes from 90 miles to 190 miles probably because of the expanded size of this vehicle.

The manufacturer stated that DC quick charging on the 80.0-kWh battery pack will take 28 minutes from 20 to 80 percent. Since these vehicles will probably be wandering urban areas getting and conveying bundles, range is less of an issue than in a purchaser EV.

On 2022, the company also stated that their will be limited vehicles but it is planning to have full production on 2023.

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