Toyota Planning To Launch The First EVs To Have Solid-State Batteries In 2021

Toyota hopes to launch the first electric vehicle to have a solid-state batteries

They are hoping a unveil a prototype next year ahead of a production launch relatively soon after that.

The company is aiming for the EVs powered by solid-state batteries to have twice the capacity compared to lithium-ion battery with the ability to fully recharge in just 10 minutes.

Photo by Gautam Sudarsan from Pexels

According to reports, Mitsui Mining and Smelting is planning to develop a pilot facility to make electrolyte for solid-state batteries. It will be located on an existing research and development center in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture and it is expected to produce tons of solid electrolyte next year that will be enough to suffice the demand for prototypes.

In the reports, Executive Vice President of Toyota’s powertrain division Keiji Kaita stated that limited production of solid-state batteries will be started in 2025. It is also mentioned that solid-state battery cells would have better-improved energy density.

The solid-state batteries is becoming a trend to battery manufacturers as time passes by. Apple iPhone maker Foxconn is working on a solid-state battery for EVs due by 2024, and VW-backs QuantumScape—with ex-Tesla CTO JB Straubel on the board—as of late recommended that its battery tech may be approaching the stage when it tends to be sent in EVs.

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