Tesla still dominates between 7 electric cars

Tesla still dominates between 7 electric cars but it’s close

The new teardown of battery cells between 7 electric cars resulted that Tesla is still on the top spot on electric car batteries.

Electric vehicles are evolving and manufacturers are starting to stick to similar battery chemistry. Car manufacturers are helping for the development of specific chemistry for vehicles partnering with several battery cell manufacturers.

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UBS chose to teardown cells from Tesla and its providers, just as those for Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota, BMW, and etc.

Tesla as of late uncovered this new exclusive battery cell, the ‘4680’, which is a lot greater than what is at present utilized in the business.

Greater cells have thermal issues, however Tesla got around that by settling the tab-less cell design. The Tesla 4680 won’t make it into vehicles until one year from now beginning with the Model Y created at Tesla Gigafactory Berlin.

Volkswagen has battery cell supply manages a few of the recently referenced battery makers, however it has likewise been going further than most different automakers in batteries with speculations and joint-ventures with NorthVolt and QuantumScape.

They are largely hustling to decrease costs while improving performance in their battery cells.

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