Tesla launches New Model Y

Tesla is introducing Model Y today with a new Standard Range RWD variant and a new 3rd row 7-seat option. It’s taking the simple price of the electric SUV down to just $42,000.

Tesla has been selling and shipping Model Y for almost a year now, but the purchasers have been limited to just two options:
-Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Engine
-Tesla Model Y Performance
It resulted in the model Y beginning at $50,000 in advance of bonuses in the US.

Tesla is now offering new options for the first time since its debut back in March 2020.

Tesla Model Y: Reviews, features, price, etc - Electrek

Today, Tesla has modified the Model Y Online Configurator to include a new Standard Range RWD option: Model Y is now starting at $42,000 – only a few thousand more than Model 3, which is still Tesla’s cheapest car. Tesla says deliveries of the latest version of the vehicle will commence in the US in 2 to 5 weeks.

As you can see from the initial Model Y launch in the image above, Tesla was only targeting a range of 230 miles. Now Tesla is actually releasing the vehicle considering Musk’s previous statement and mentioning the EPA forecast of 244 miles (392 km) for the current Model Y Standard Range RWD.

With an upgrade to the Model Y online design lab, Tesla also unlocked orders for the 7-seater third-row option. The choice costs $3,000 and seems to be available on all models of the electric SUV except the Performance edition.

Tesla confirms the changes that come with the 7-seat option:

  • Third row seating for two
  • Easy Entry into third row
  • Third row USB-C charging
  • Sliding second row with adjustable seatbacks
  • Fold-flat second and third rows for maximum cargo storage
  • Electronic fold-flat releases in trunk

Source- Electrek

Video by: Doug DeMuro

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