Lotus and Renault will build an all electric Alpine car

Groupe Renault is partnering with Groupe Lotus to develop an all-electric alternative to the mid-engine Alpine A110, as part of its plan to restructure its various brands and become one of the pioneers in electrification by 2025.

In separate press releases from Renault and Lotus, the transition into EVs was revealed on Thursday. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by the two car manufacturers, and is not a legally binding document but more of a gesture of readiness to collaborate.

Unfortunately, a clear teaser shot that displays only the headlights is the only picture that shows the latest electric substitute for the A110 appearance. Through that, we can discern that some of the same distinctive design vocabulary that the A110 has had since 1963 will possibly be maintained by the car.

It is included in Renault’s plans to transition into EVs, which the company terms “Renaulution,” not only a substitute for the A110, but also six other EVs. A concept for one of the vehicles named the Renault 5 was unveiled by Renault earlier this week. Built to be something of an everyday driver, it stresses that a broad variety of vehicle types will be provided by Renault’s new EVs.

Source- Electrek

Video by: carwow

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