Tesla Model 3 Prices in Europe

Tesla has long been the pioneer in electric vehicles, since the automaker was early on to invest in mass manufacturing, as the other automakers focused on the enforcement with electric cars.

Things are beginning to shift in Europe, as legacy manufacturers are starting to introduce new higher-volume electric car projects and concentrate on sales in Europe, where requirements require automakers to offer a higher mix of electric cars.

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Tesla price adjustments in Europe

  • Model 3 Standard Range Plus: from €42.990 to €39.990
  • Model 3 Lang Range AWD: from €52.490 to €49.990
  • Model 3 Performance: from €58.490 to €54.990

Germany is becoming an important market for Tesla as its success has increased after the automaker has invested in building a factory in Berlin.

Several other European markets received similar price drops overnight.

Source- Electrek

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