Tesla vs Waymo

Tesla and Waymo have taken the media and social media to spar who has the best self-driving vehicles.


Waymo drops 'self-driving' from its name, opts for 'autonomous driving'

Waymo and Tesla have a wide variety of approaches to implementing complete self-driving technologies, but all hope to get out of it with a device capable of driving a car safer than humans can do.

Waymo is known to use lidar sensors that Tesla famously doesn’t like, and they also use HD mapping to maneuver independently in cities where they sell their driverless service.


Model 3 | Tesla

As the automaker opted not to use lidar sensors, they were betting on machine vision technologies backed by camera and AI technology. Tesla has developed its own chip with a neural net processor, which is presumably what Musk is referring to with “AI hardware,” and the company is designing its own machine vision applications on this chip.

Source- Electrek

Video by: Cleanerwatt

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