General Motors Guarantees a Zero-Emissions Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet by 2035

General Motors plans to achieve company-wide carbon neutrality by 2040 and offer light-duty cars without carbon emissions only by 2035, a significant move by America’s largest automaker to reconcile its future with the international Paris Agreement and the Biden-Harris administration’s climate-change imperatives.

The announcement last Thursday commits GM, the first U.S. automaker to step into electric vehicles, to a much wider range of cars and trucks powered by batteries in the U.S. and abroad. GM will have 30 battery-powered car models available worldwide by 2025, and these models will account for 40 percent of the vehicle models sold in the United States.

In a prepared statement, GM CEO Mary Barra said, “General Motors is joining governments and businesses around the world to work to create a safer, greener and better world.” “We encourage others to follow suit and have a major impact on our sector and the economy as a whole.”

Source- Green Tech Media

Video by: Transport Evolved

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