Tesla is planning to compete with the latest gaming consoles

Tesla is planning to compete with the latest gaming consoles with its new gaming computer inside its electric vehicles

With the release of the new Model S and Model X, Tesla has announced a new gaming PC inside the vehicles. A known chip leaker, Patrick Schur, posted a diagram of Tesla’s new gaming PC powered by the AMD Navi 23 GPU.

The system is integrated and connects directly to two touchscreens inside the Model S and Model X to play games, watch entertainment, and perform some other functions.

Elon Musk additionally uncovered that the new PC has more storage space to have the option to play with more games on the same time.

Tesla has a team of software engineers working on video games in Seattle and they as of late began building a comparable group in Austin. The automaker has been building a video game platform called Tesla Arcade inside its vehicles, and it has been working with video game studios to port games to it.

At this moment, it is for the most part to make some additional incentive to its ownership experience, yet Tesla may have bigger plans for gaming inside its vehicles.

Elon Musk has been demonstrating as of late that he accepts amusement will be basic when vehicles drive themselves, which he figures Tesla can accomplish not long from now.

In anticipation of that, the automaker has been releasing more video games in its Tesla Arcade and it has shown that it may transform it into a business.

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