Company Revel to build DC fast charging stations for electric cars

Revel has announced plans to build DC fast charging stations, known as Revel Superhubs.

The primary Revel Superhub will be sent in Brooklyn, where the company initially launched its e-moped sharing operations. Revel started trying things out with electric mopeds in Brooklyn in late 2018 utilizing MUVI scooters from Spanish company called Torrot.

At that point in 2019, Revel switched to utilizing NIU electric scooters and brought the initial 1,000 NIU scooters to the US.

Presently the company operates a fleet of 5,000 electric mopeds in a small bunch of urban areas across the US including NYC, Miami, Washington DC and the San Francisco Bay zone.

The move sees Revel beginning to expand its core business strategy beyond electric moped sharing.

While the NIU scooters utilize swappable batteries and don’t need charging stations.

DC fast chargers which are filling in number around the US, can rapidly charge electric vehicle batteries. Revel’s new Superhubs will send DC fast chargers that the company claims can provide an electric vehicle with 100 miles (160 km) of reach in less than 20 minutes.

The chargers will likewise be brand agnostic, with Revel showing that the chargers “are viable with any EV make or model.”

Revel has not released pricing information yet, however says that there will be no shrouded expenses or access charges for stopping at the charging station. Drivers will pay just for the actual charge.

The charging stations will likewise be accessible 24/7.

Revel’s first Superhub will be introduced at the site of the previous Pfizer building in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. It will have a sum of 30 chargers.

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