Tesla Is Launching A New Center Console In the Model Y Electric SUV.

Tesla began to launch the new center console in the Model Y electric SUV after adding it to Model 3 last year. Late last year, Tesla released a refresh version of Model 3 with a range of revised features.

A new center screen for the two front seats was one of the major changes. Tesla got rid of the shiny black piano finish and replaced it with a matte finish.

Instead of having a phone charger attached to the top section, it has now been embedded in the top section of the console, which is now covered in a synthetic leather material on both sides. The middle segment now slides open instead of the previous iteration of the flipping method.

For certain owners, the mechanism has been considered to be flimsy at times, whereas the modern sliding system is more stable and less likely to remain accessible.

It is not clear if all current Model Y vehicles are being equipped with a new center console, or whether Tesla is already going inside. At times, Tesla has been known to make hardware improvements progressively once they’re ready and even manufacture some older hardware vehicles.

Source – Electrek

Video by: Bearded Tesla Guy

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