In the United States, electric bicycles are currently outselling electric cars and plug-in hybrids combined

Electric bicycles are currently outselling electric cars and plug-in hybrids combined in the market

Since the beginning of the epidemic, electric bicycles sales have been on an upward track, and recent figures reveal that they are already selling more units than electric automobiles and plug-in hybrids combined. The Light Electric Vehicle Association has revealed numbers that support the case for personal electric vehicles as alternatives to bigger automobiles and trucks.

According to LEVA data, almost 790,000 electric bikes were imported into the United States in 2021. This is a 70% increase over the 463,000 imports in 2020. In addition, 652,000 electric automobiles and plug-in hybrids were purchased by Americans in 2021.

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Electric bicycle adoption in the United States lags considerably behind that in Europe, where e-bike sales have long outperformed electric vehicle and hybrid sales, and are on track to outsell all cars in the coming years. When it comes to electric motorcycles, Europe and Asia continue to outsell the United States. In Europe and Asia, LEVA predicts yearly sales of 3 million and 35 million electric bicycles, respectively.

For a variety of reasons, electric bicycle sales have exploded. Electric bicycles have become popular among commuters as a method to avoid congested public transit while maintaining social distance.

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They’ve discovered other advantages to e-bike commuting, such as the ability to ride on their own time and arrive at their destination rather than a local transportation hub. Others are combining the two, extending their range from transportation hubs by employing lightweight folding e-bikes. While traditional pedal bicycles provide some of the same liberating benefits as e-bikes, their sales have not kept pace with the e-bike industry’s rapid expansion.

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular for commuting, but many riders are now using them for recreational purposes rather than for utilitarian purposes.

E-bike prices have risen recently as a result of several causes such as supply chain issues and delivery obstacles, but businesses have also hurried to release stripped-down versions with fewer bells and whistles but cheaper and more appealing initial rates.

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