Monthly Archives: February 2022

Tesla’s Supercharger map has been updated with a number of additional forthcoming locations and deadlines

Tesla’s Supercharger map Tesla has published an updated version of their Supercharger map, which includes numerous more planned stations as well as revised completion schedules. The manufacturer wants to expand its Supercharger network by three times its current size. Tesla updates its Supercharger map on its ‘discover us’ website once a year. The carmaker refreshes the map […]

Last year, Tesla claims that 400,000 Storm Watch activations on Powerwalls were made.

Tesla had 400,000 Storm Watch activations In 2021, Tesla had 400,000 Storm Watch activations on Powerwall battery packs, according to the company. In the event of severe weather, the function assists households in avoiding power interruptions. Tesla began incorporating features for Powerwall and solar customers into its mobile app for vehicle owners in 2018. A […]

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