Yamaha Launches Official E-Bike E-commerce Platform in the United States

Describing a company as ‘not sticking to its core business’ might carry a negative connotation, but when it comes to Yamaha, it’s more a statement of fact. Yamaha doesn’t have a single core business, yet excels at each venture to a world-class level, earning itself the title of ‘the company that others aspire to be.’ Constant innovation lies at the heart of Yamaha’s business growth strategy. From manufacturing its own generators to create higher-quality wooden propellers and subsequently venturing into motorcycle production, Yamaha’s innovation extends to the realm of electric-assist vehicles as well. Having mastered vehicle production, Yamaha has now set its sights on a new challenge: launching an online platform for selling its products.

2023 marks a significant milestone for Yamaha’s foray into the electric-assist bike market, as it celebrates its 30th anniversary in the field. Launching a brand-new e-commerce platform in the United States holds special significance as part of the celebration. This platform signifies Yamaha’s further control over its sales chain, allowing it to engage with end-users in an entirely new dimension. It deepens the brand’s relationship with consumers and dealers in the United States, offering a comprehensive selection of all Yamaha electric-assist products on the website. Customers can browse the products online and place orders. Through Yamaha’s dealer network, the company has also introduced a ‘click and collect’ plan, enabling customers to purchase online and pick up their Yamaha bikes from the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer.

Drew Engelmann, Yamaha’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, stated, ‘While many companies build e-commerce platforms, they often overlook the critical role dealers play. At Yamaha, we believe in the power of our partnership with dealers and the collaboration between all parties in the value chain, recognizing the vital role dealers play in enhancing the customer experience.’

Although Yamaha has been involved in the electric bike market for three decades, the Yamaha bicycle brand was first introduced to the United States in 2017. The full-suspension electric bike series launched by Yamaha gained popularity in off-road circles, followed by specialized products for commuting and fitness purposes.

Even the drive units are developed and produced in-house. In 1993, Yamaha was a pioneer in introducing its first electric bike, fitted with the company’s iconic Power Assist System (PAS) first-generation product. This pedal-assist technology was ahead of its time, offering an excellent riding experience. Named ‘PAS,’ this bike was recognized as the world’s first of its kind and became a successful market entry. Since then, Yamaha’s electric motors have consistently evolved in tandem with electric-assist products, delivering enhanced riding experiences to cyclists. To date, Yamaha has sold over 5.5 million electric bikes worldwide, establishing itself as one of the largest electric bike OEM manufacturers globally.

Rob Trester, Manager of Yamaha’s Intelligent Electric Vehicle Division and Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle Group in the United States, commented, ‘The new Yamaha e-bike e-commerce platform will fundamentally change how we do business with our dealer partners. Together with our dealer partners, we have the opportunity to reshape our business and elevate the customer experience to new heights.’

Furthermore, each Yamaha bike comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty for frames, motors, and batteries, along with support for warranties from component manufacturers

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