Shimano Introduces 12-Speed Mechanical 105 Groupset

It’s easy to see from the big trends that more and more road bikes are using electronic shifting. They’ve gotten rid of overly complex wiring, making the appearance cleaner and more streamlined. The riding experience is also superior to mechanical shifting, as it can work without external interference, allowing you to focus on cycling. For most people, electronic shifting is the simpler choice. However, even with the trend toward electronic shifting, mechanical shifting has not been completely eliminated. Following the release of the 105 Di2, Shimano has now introduced the 12-speed mechanical 105 groupset, narrowing the gap in the riding experience between mechanical and electronic shifting.

This is Shimano’s first 12-speed mechanical road groupset. Despite the electronic era, the new Shimano 105 mechanical groupset still offers advanced mechanical shifting capabilities. Cyclists can enjoy their rides without worrying about battery levels while still enjoying the comfort and gear range of the 12-speed drivetrain.

The transmission components of the 105 mechanical groupset (chainrings, cassette, chain) are consistent with the 105 Di2 groupset, but it’s more affordable and doesn’t require a battery. Purchasing a complete Shimano 105 mechanical groupset will cost $1,223, which is one-third less than the Shimano 105 Di2. Compared to Ultegra Di2 and Dura-Ace Di2, it’s even more affordable, weighing slightly less.

Like the previous 11-speed option, the new 105 Mechanical 12-speed RD-R7100 rear derailleur uses Shimano’s Shadow RD technology, featuring a low-profile, single-tension structure that provides smooth, efficient, and quiet shifting performance. It doesn’t extend to the outside of the bike like more traditional designs, reducing the risk of damage, allowing cyclists to shift with confidence.

Shimano 105 R7100 mechanical groupset offers finer gear ratios, a wider range of high and low gears, and smoother shifting across the cassette. The drivetrain components include cassette options of 11-34T and 11-36T, while the FC-R7100 12-speed crankset with HOLLOWTECH II offers chainring options of 50-34T and 52-36T. The 50-34T chainring combined with an 11-34T cassette or an 11-36T cassette allows riders to maintain efficient and smooth cadence during long, steady climbs. Additionally, the Shimano 105 mechanical groupset offers a semi-compact chainring option of 52-36T, reducing the likelihood of spinning out during high-speed descents or sprints on flat terrain.

The new R7100 groupset is only compatible with hydraulic disc brakes and does not use rim brakes. The hydraulic braking system features the new Shimano 105 R7100 calipers, paired with the Shimano 105 BR-7170 hydraulic disc brake levers, making braking easier and more efficient. The gap between the calipers and rotors has also been increased by 10%, helping to eliminate brake noise.

The ST-R7120 dual-control levers are designed for different hand sizes and palm shapes, offering a more comfortable grip and improved ergonomics. The new generation of ergonomic mechanical shift levers provides a more comfortable hand position, enhancing comfort and control for a better shifting experience.

Shimano 105 R7100 Mechanical 12-Speed Components:

RD-R7100 Rear Derailleur £59.99

  • Shimano Shadow RD
  • Direct mount attachment
  • Ultra-thin, single-tension structure

FD-R7100 Front Derailleur £41.99-£44.99

  • Fast, precise front shifting

ST-R7120 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set (calipers and levers) per side £279.99

  • Dual control levers
  • New blade shape offers a shorter lever contact curve
  • Delicate ergonomics and shaping create new lever positions
  • Each shift lever does not include brake calipers, priced at £179.99 each

FC-R7100 Crankset £159.99

  • HollowTech II crankset
  • 2 x 12-speed
  • Chainring combinations: 50-34T and 52-36T
  • Crank lengths: 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm

CS-R7101-12 Cassette £69.99

  • Hyperglide 12-speed
  • 11-tooth small cog for optimum efficiency
  • Compatible with 11-speed freehub bodies
  • Cassette combinations: 11-34T and 11-36T (CS-HG710-12, £84.99)

SM-RT70 Disc Brake Rotors £29.99 each

CN-M7100 Chain £34.99

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