In the era of electrification, it’s time to upgrade your camping vehicle!

Camping has become a popular way for young people to relax. Gathering with friends, fishing, barbecuing, enjoying the breeze, and sharing stories around the campfire are all part of the camping experience. The rise of camping culture has driven the growth of the camping economy, with facilities such as campsites, RVs, and outdoor gear seeing a thriving trend. Among these, camping vehicles are indispensable to outdoor enthusiasts, just like fishing rods to anglers and bicycles to cyclists. Every camping trip involves loading up a car full of equipment and heading to a favorite camping spot to enjoy some peaceful moments.

Camping is a lot of fun, but this joy comes at a cost. The burden of lugging a heavy tent, generator, tables, chairs, and a load of snacks along the way can diminish the excitement of the journey. However, we’re living in the era of electric assistance, where even bicycles have electric motors to make your ride easier. So, it’s time to upgrade your camping vehicle.

The new energy company Litheli has introduced an electric-assisted camping vehicle called the eWagon W1 Pro, offering a carefree camping experience and purer enjoyment. The eWagon W1 Pro looks just like a regular camping vehicle but comes with an additional power assist device on the base for easier towing. The assistance system is powered by the Litheli U-BATTERY Plus, and starting it is as simple as inserting the U-BATTERY Plus and securing the safety key. Slightly lower the handle, approximately 30 degrees, press the safety lock, and hold down the power button to start.

The W1 Pro is equipped with the UltraSpeed power system, featuring a 500W motor that provides strong traction. It effortlessly handles steep slopes with a load of up to 60 kilograms, making terrain no longer the primary factor in choosing a camping site. Whether it’s grass, sand, or rocky ground, the W1 Pro can take you through various terrains with its 8-inch 50mm all-terrain tires and robust frame structure that can withstand all kinds of challenges.

What’s remarkable is that the W1 Pro allows you to adjust the assist power, providing a seamless range of 0.6 to 1.3 m/s. You can leisurely stroll or take larger strides to keep up with friends.

The eWagon W1 Pro features a foldable tailgate, which means the rear of the vehicle can be opened. Heavy items can be easily pulled off the vehicle. Furthermore, with this tailgate, the storage capacity of the camping vehicle can be expanded to around 200 liters. This vehicle becomes your mobile home, ideal for camping, RV travel, gardening, sports, fishing, and various other outdoor activities.

It’s not just for camping; it can also be used in daily shopping or other scenarios that require large cargo capacity. You don’t have to worry about being overloaded, as the W1 Pro frame is made of powder-coated steel for exceptional strength, and the body is constructed from 600D high-density Oxford fabric.

As a camping vehicle, it can even transform into your small table.

Add a few chairs, and you can have a cozy campfire chat with friends.

Storage is also exceptionally convenient. Just grab the middle strap and lift it gently to fold the vehicle. After folding, its size is similar to that of a small table, making it easy to fit into any gap.

The power source is lightweight, weighing only 510 grams, but it boasts 20,000mAh, providing continuous operation for up to 30 minutes or covering a distance of 3.4 kilometers. It can also be adapted to all the brand’s tools, such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, impact drills, air pumps, and more.

In this series, they have also introduced a generator, the Eclair 1000, which can accommodate two U-BATTERY Plus units for charging. It has a backup energy capacity of 921Wh, putting an end to worries about running out of electricity.

This camping vehicle can be considered a modern cargo masterpiece, suitable for both personal and family use. This vehicle is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with the top-of-the-line model priced at $255.

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