Pave BK Electric Motorcycle, Priced at Nearly $5,000, Can Also Be Shared for Earnings!

Lightweight motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular in the market, offering both powerful performance and a compact, lightweight design. One such motorcycle is the Pave BK electric motorcycle, officially launched by Pave after two years of development. It combines practicality and exterior design, along with an innovative industry feature – personal sharing. This means you can rent out your vehicle on the official mobile community and earn income.

Pave Motors introduced the BK roughly two years ago and has since undergone further development and improvement. It combines the minimalist design of electric bicycles with the power of motorcycles, offering riders greater freedom and adaptability. The vehicle features a lightweight frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, weighing 46 kg (excluding the battery). It is equipped with a 3000W brushless direct current hub motor, with a top speed of 48 kilometers per hour and a battery capacity of 1.98 kWh, providing a range of up to 80 kilometers.

The Pave BK offers three riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport. In the highest mode, the vehicle can accelerate to 48 kilometers per hour in just 3.7 seconds and can switch between different modes at any time. Charging the Pave BK takes only one hour and is easily removable for charging. It also features a high-performance hydraulic braking system for excellent braking performance and uses regenerative braking to extend the range.

If you’re looking for extended range, the vehicle’s frame has space in the middle to accommodate a second battery. When not housing a battery, this space can be used for storage. The bicycle offers a range of optional accessories, including baskets that can be added to the frame. You can even convert the vehicle into an electric cargo bike by purchasing storage bags and modifying the rear space, among other options.

The Pave BK not only offers outstanding performance but also features an LCD dashboard with connectivity capabilities. You can use the Pave+ app to access riding information, start the vehicle with Pave+’s digital key system, and activate anti-theft features to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

These features are enabled through Pave’s blockchain integration technology. Each BK bicycle is issued an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), serving as digital ownership proof and recording data such as VIN numbers and odometer readings. The NFT can also act as a key, meaning that if someone steals the bicycle and resells it, the new owner won’t be able to unlock the bike without the key. Other security features include a vibration wake-up feature, which notifies the owner and activates GPS tracking if the bicycle is moved, even if the main battery is removed.

Another feature enabled by blockchain integration technology is ride-sharing. Pave will establish a mobile community, its proprietary sharing platform, allowing users to share their vehicles with anyone on the network. However, this requires creating a smart rental contract and setting pickup and return locations, rental times, and prices. If users are concerned about compliance with the terms, they can request a deposit in advance. If the other party violates the terms, the renter’s deposit will be confiscated.

It’s worth noting that while the Pave BK has a top speed of only 48 kilometers per hour, it does require a driver’s license to be legally ridden on the roads in Europe and the United States. The vehicle is currently on sale for $6,900, which is relatively expensive. However, its avant-garde design and innovative technology are likely to attract adventurous owners.

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