5th wheeled Fitness E-bike F1 Officially Launches Crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin, Priced at 3799 Yuan

On the morning of September 30th, the fitness e-bike F1, created by the domestic emerging short-distance travel brand Five-wheeled Travel, officially joined the crowdfunding event on Xiaomi Youpin. This product, emphasizing dual functionality, reappeared in the public eye after a new round of iterations, with a crowdfunding price of 3799 yuan.

With the global popularity of e-bikes, the domestic market has gradually begun to accept these types of products. As one of the early brands in this field, Five-wheeled Travel continues to innovate. The dual-purpose function highlighted in the D-series products continues in the F1. With the separately purchased fitness bracket, the F1 can transform into a dynamic exercise bike. The motor is also adapted for fitness mode, providing noticeable resistance when pedaling, simulating a regular exercise bike, achieving aerobic exercise effects. Additionally, using the energy generated by pedaling can reverse charge the battery, balancing fitness and environmental protection perfectly.

In addition, this F1 focuses on the key components of e-bikes—motor, battery, and electronic control system upgrades. The motor has been upgraded to 350W, with a 46% increase in torque. It comprehensively covers daily usage scenarios and can adapt well to extreme situations such as climbing, off-road, and forests. The battery capacity reaches 313Wh, significantly improving the endurance in pure electric and assisted modes compared to previous generation products. In terms of the electronic control system, the F1 is equipped with a torque sensor and an upgraded AICA assist algorithm developed by Five-wheeled Travel, optimizing response time and intensity, identifying riding environments, and providing riders with the most comfortable assist experience.

The F1 supports a three-stage folding mechanism. The addition of magnetic buckles allows the vehicle to securely fasten after folding, effectively solving the problem of loose wheels after folding, making it more convenient to carry and store. It also features an independent battery lock, significantly enhancing the anti-theft performance of the battery.

In the era of smart everything, what new features can an electric-assist bicycle offer? The Five-wheeled Travel F1 supports Bluetooth connectivity to the app, allowing one-click viewing of riding data and fitness data on the mobile phone. Functions such as locking, lighting, and gear shifting can all be controlled through the mobile app. The vehicle’s instrument panel UI has been comprehensively upgraded and optimized, with a clear arrangement that provides clear information about speed, mileage, and gear positions. It also supports navigation and incoming call reminders, ensuring riding safety.

After two years of refinement, Five-wheeled Travel has launched the all-new fitness e-bike F1. It has taken into account feedback and opinions from users of previous-generation products, making significant upgrades and optimizations to product details and internal materials, including a larger saddle, more corrosion-resistant chain, and more wear-resistant brake pads, among others. The upgraded Five-wheeled Travel fitness e-bike has officially joined the crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin, with a single bike priced at 3799 yuan and a package with the fitness bracket priced at 3999 yuan.

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