Clip E-Bike Conversion Kit – The “Game Changer” for Bicycles, Transforming Traditional Bikes into Electric Powerhouses!

In recent years, electric power-assisted bicycles (EPABs) have emerged as a new force in transportation, swiftly “claiming” the roads with a speed that is as fast as thunder and overwhelming. In fact, the impact of EPABs on modern society is so significant that many cities around the world, especially in Europe and Asia, have incorporated them into large-scale urban planning projects.

This means that if you want an EPAB, you have to purchase one. But what if you already own a non-electric bicycle? Does this mean you need to sell it? Or let it gather dust in the corner? Or, there is a better option—the EPAB conversion kit.

Previously, reported on Skaper’s electric bicycle conversion kit, which was welcomed by the market for its three-step easy installation process and lightweight system. However, Clip does even better in some aspects. First, Clip’s installation is even simpler, requiring no modifications to the bicycle; just secure Clip to the bike’s fork or lower fork area, and it instantly transforms into an EPAB. Second, Clip’s applicability is broader, suitable for almost all types of bicycles, including those with suspension forks.

The magic of Clip lies in its friction drive device. The motor inside the device has rollers that maintain continuous contact with the front tire. By being fixed to the bicycle’s fork or the lower part of the mountain bike’s fork, Clip can push the bicycle forward, providing a continuous source of power for the rider.

To meet the needs of different riders, Clip offers two versions of the conversion kit: Commuter and Explorer. The Commuter version has a battery capacity of 96 watt-hours, offering a limited range (9.6 kilometers), but it complies with commercial flight carry-on certifications. Moreover, the Commuter version can be fully charged in just 30 minutes, saving time and effort.

If you are pursuing a longer range, then the Explorer version will be your best choice. It is equipped with a 196 watt-hour battery pack, providing a range of up to 12 miles (19.3 kilometers). Of course, this also means it cannot be carried onto an airplane. However, considering its excellent performance and practicality, this minor regret is not worth mentioning.

Both the Commuter and Explorer versions can reach a top speed of 24 kilometers per hour with Clip. Of course, the actual speed will also be affected by the size and weight of the bicycle.

The advent of Clip undoubtedly brings a low-cost upgrade path for traditional bicycle users. It ingeniously integrates electric power technology into traditional bicycles, not only significantly reducing the entry threshold for EPABs but also allowing users to easily experience the convenience and fun of electric power-assisted riding without replacing their existing bicycles.复制再试一次分享

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