Along with the unceasing enhancement of people’ s material standard of living, the acceleration of urbanization and economic development, car is said to be the travel tool in every family, causing car prices down gradually to meet the needs of the market. But, one thing that must be careful is the continuous soaring oil prices, making many people feel helpless. Many car owners face the embarrassment that they can afford a car but can’ t afford to drive a car.
Electric UnicycleElectric Unicycle
Electric unicycle is a kind of high-tech equipment, applying intelligent transportation technology and electric power output, fairly useful and helpful in dealing with the public worry of higher oil prices. The unicycle becomes the robust product in most metropolitan region. Electric unicycle adopts Japan’ s high performance battery as power output, having no fuel consumption and pollution and costing no expenditure on oil. It is absolutely an excellent equipment for the public to go sightseeing and travel.
Electric UnicycleElectric Unicycle

This electric unicycle is powered by battery and driven by electricity, which is not uncommon in the daily life of ordinary people. But, no matter it is electric cars or electric automobile, there may be the loss of the electricity, the battery capacity not enough to support longer range, demanding frequent charging, and the battery performance destruction and so on. Electric unicycle is different from and traditional electric car and electric automobile, and it applies Japan’ s high performance battery as power. On the layout, it tries its best to shrink body load, making the electric unicycle smaller volume, less weight, and more excellent dynamic performance. If you are going to travel or have a sightseeing, this new fashionable and convenient electric unicycle is absolutely a good equipment for you to have, since it plays an important role in daily life.


Electric unicycle is newly listed new kind of travel tool in recent years, and it is popularly welcomed by many people all over the world due to its unique style and motility. Office workers and teenagers are very keen on such travel tools. So, why can this travel tool be the final choice of these people and what are the benefits?
Electric Unicycle
In fact, this kind of electric unicycle has a lot of benefits. It is not only small in size, fast in speed, but also cool and fashionable in style. Riding this electric unicycle for shopping for traveling, you can attract many people’ s attention. Generally, car owners have such experience that it is not easy to go shopping in the city at leisure holiday and it is hard for them to find place for parking. They might get a fine from traffic police because of illegal parking. However, such situation will not appear if you use the electric unicycle, as it has small volume and light weight, and you can en even carry it in hand.
Electric Unicycle
The biggest benefit of this electric unicycle is environmental protection, as it is electricity powered, so as not to produce environmental pollution waste gas. It absolutely conforms to the modern concept of travel. It is known to us all, although cars begin to promote low-emission models, there will still be a waste gas generated. Small doesn’ t mean no. As the world population is so much, every car discharge waste gas and the total amount is huge. Using the electric unicycle for travel is a big progress in environmental protection. Why not do that?
Electric Unicycle
Self balancing electric unicycle, a new generation product, is also quite simple to operate and control. If your travel distance is not far away, it is strongly recommended that you buy a such travel tool, and it is absolutely practical, cool and fashionable.


As the ordinary unicycle ,the principle of self-balancing unicycle can keep not falling down is almost as the same as the ordinary one. However,there ‘s also difference . The self-balancing unicycle is more complicated and advanced .

The principle of self-balancing unicycle not falling down :on the one hand is that we can adjust the center of gravity,adjust the direction of the self-balancing unicycle.On the other hand ,high-speed rotating wheel with larger angular momentum,angular momentum can resist external torque,just like the peg-top.In physics ,this phenonmenon is called procession.

On this basis ,the self-balancing unicycle was further improved ,driven by motor ,using the gyroscope and the drive circuit to keep not falling down.You can start it by forward leaning your body.The speed is controlled by the tilt of your body.If you wanna accelerate , forward lean your body .If you wanna decelerate , just hypsokinesis.



The most astonishing is keeping self balancing and this is the key operration.In order to understanding the principle of this system,we ‘d better think about making a model to this equipment–human body.

If you stand up ,try to lean forward may make you lose your equilibrium but you may not tumbling.Your brain knows you’ve lost the equilibrium,as the liquid of your inner ear has removed .Thereforce , it urges you step forward in case of you falling down.If your body keep leaning forward ,your brain will keep you step forward and keep you stand straight.In the consequence,you aren’t falling down but step forward step by step .

The self-balancing unicycle usually use these two principle :Inverted Pendulum system and Gyroscope principle .The inverted pendulum system make the unicycle go forward and retreat.The Gyroscope principle is to keep the dynamic stability.these two systems coordinate mutually to keep the unicycle stable.


Because of its environmental protection, small and convenient use, self balancing unicycle becomes popular and famous among the young, forming a beautiful scenery in every big city. At present, there are three major brands of unicycle, which all have their distinguishing features. Many people do not know which brand is good. The main attention focus on price, quality and safety. Now, let’ s do comparison based on data to see which brand is good.


It is mainly about the performance comparison in battery capacity, range, maximum load and so on. The latest product F400 of IPS is chosen to do comparison.

Battery capacity 400WH 88.8WH 122WH
Range 40KM 12-15KM 16KM
Maximum load 100KG 120KG 113KG

It is clear to see from the above that IPS F400 is outstanding and superior in both battery capacity and range. In respect of the maximum load, the difference is not very big, and AIRWHEEL X3 is slightly in the lead. In the range, AIRWHEEL explicitly points out that when it bears 65kg load, the range reaches 15 km. The other two brands do not mention that. In fact, because of the different road conditions, bearing and range are also different. The bigger battery capacity, the greater the range is. It can obviously reduce the charging times.

Performance score:


Self Balancing Unicycle

Those three appearance designs all have their own characteristics. In terms of color, they all have two kinds, black and white, while the IPS has blue and red, proving more choices for customers. In design, the difference is not big. Whether they are beautiful or not depends on personal taste. In size, IPS F400 is 498 * 144 * 415mm. AIRWHEEL is 450mm in height and 395mm in length. SOLOWHEEL is 432 * 326 * 483mm. For collection, SOLOWHEEL is the smallest, easy to put. In weight, AIRWHEEL is the lightest, fairly portable.
Appearance score:


IPS has adopted ABS material. ABS is one of the five synthetic resin, and it has excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. In addition, the unicycle body also applies the advanced technology of the lacquer, allowing it to show its advancement. Its parts use metal materials to enhance the wear resistance and strike capability.

Self Balancing Unicycle

AIRWHEEL adopts advanced PC material, featuring high strength, flame retardant, wear-resistance, fight oxidation and so on. Its pedals apply aviation aluminum with high strength, super wide, suitable for foot structure and comfortable for ride.

AIRWHEEL Self Balancing Unicycle

The fuselage of SOLOWHEEL uses NPCS-ISO high-tech nano materials, wear-resisting and never deforming. Using stable red silicone shin guards fits for ergonomic design, making it closer to the calf. This unicycle also uses natural rubber wheel tires, resulting in good effects of gripping or filtering suspension. The main body of the unicycle and its parts adopt the technology of the lacquer, made of metal materials, similar to IPS.

Self Balancing Unicycle

Workmanship score:


There are big different in the price of those three brands, such as 4499 yuan for IPS F400, 2499 yuan for AIRWHEEL X3, and 15800 yuan for SOLOWHEEL. Price difference is directly reflected in sales. Monthly, AIRWHEEL X3 sells 351 pieces, IPS F400 94 pieces, and SOLOWHEEL only 13 pieces. However, such a high price results in higher profits.

Prices and sales score:

In conclude, IPS and AIRWHEEL have gained great popularity because of their good work, and very good configuration or price advantage. In contrast, the SOLOWHEEL is not so popular due to its expensive price, but it should be admitted that it is in the lead in high-tech application of materials and workmanship. Back to the topic of this article, which brand is good, in fact, everyone in the heart has answer.


Two wheels self-balancing scooter has its own particularity,because its size bigger than the unicycle ,smaller than the cars,the distance it can be drived is limited.So we seldom see two wheel self-balancing scooter long distance driving.It’s used in some specific occasions.

1.Recreation and outdoor

Self-balancing scooter is a brand new transportation,no need to step on accelerator,no need to applied the brakes ,just use the body weight to controlled the direction.Easy to learn,easy to control and very suitable for recreation and outdoor activities such as golf,hockey and so on.

2.Tourist spot,theme park or theme restaurant

In tourist sites,two wheels self-balancing scooter is a new weapon to tourism industry.It shorten the walking time of tour guides and tourists,reduce energy consumption.The tourists can take part in other activities in the park or in the tourist sites.Attract more people to come to visit and increase the local income.

3.The army,police,security guard patrol

Self-balancing scooter is a short distance transportation,smart,environmental,energy conservation .So it’s widely use in the advanced countries such as England,American and so on.It also becomes the best patrol transportation for the army,police and the security guard.

4.Marketing campaign and advertising

Self-balancing scooter’s characteristics make it much more easier to draw people’s attention in the marketing campaign,it’s better to achieve the effect of marketing.

Of course, with the development of technology,the self-balancing scooter will be use in more and more field,it will become a part of our life that we can’t live without .Maybe we can see many self-balancing scooters hang out in the street in the future.


The cycling of self balancing unicycle has a total of 36 skills, in primary, intermediate and advanced three stages. Each stage has 12 skills, the primary technology has the following content.

The first skill is the basic riding. It means independent linear driving more than 10 meters, about 30 cm deviation.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The second skill is deceleration and braking, continuous 3 cycles.
cycling self balancing unicycle skills
The third skill is flexibly controlling body with one foot and freely controlling the unicycle steering, speeding and so on.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The fourth skill is turning around in radius of one meter.
cycling self balancing unicycle skills
The fifth skill is doing circling with transition radius of 1.5 meters.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The sixth skill is doing S cycling with a single S 4 meters in length and 40cm in width.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The seventh skill is cycling up and down on the slope about 15 degree.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The eighth skill is going through speed bump with both feet without pause.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The ninth skill is doing 8 cycling with 6 meters in length and 2 meters in width.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The tenth skill is slow cycling with the speed of 0.5 M/S, insisting on more than 10 meters.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The eleventh skill is cycling two unicycles within two legs for 10 meters and freely turning on site.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills

The twelfth skill is cycling two unicycles with unicycles outside of legs for 10 meters and freely turning on site.

cycling self balancing unicycle skills


Cycling self balancing unicycle altogether is divided into five steps. In order to use this unicycle correctly, you should carefully read the instruction and follow the order. Before mastering the previous step, you should not try the back of the steps, which will help you to master the basic skills of cycling faster and more solid.

The first step is to connect the power supply. You can use one hand to grab the handle, and put the unicycle upright on the ground with the two pedals unfolded. Then, you can short press power key to open the unicycle power supply, and the green lights at this time.

How To Use Electric Self Balancing Unicycle 1 connect the power supply,

The second step is to try to stand. You need to make your left foot stand on the foot pedal and keep your body standing. You should use your left foot to control the balance of the unicycle, and make your feet close to the chassis.
how to use self balancing unicycle 2 try to stand
The third step is to do straight line moving. You must shift the most gravity to the self balancing unicycle, and meanwhile gently push to the back with your right foot. The unicycle will walk forward. In the process of cycling, you should keep your body balance, and at the same time, you need to put your right foot on the respectively pedal quickly and lightly. You can control the acceleration or deceleration though leaning forward or back.
How To Use Electric Self Balancing Unicycle 3 straight line moving
The fourth step is to learn to turn. By adjusting the strength of feet trample, you can adjust the tilt of the unicycle to turn the unicycle. Through constant practice, it can achieve expected shifting effect.
How To Use Electric Self Balancing Unicycle 4 learn to turn
The fifth step is to get off the self balancing unicycle and stop cycling. You can lean back slightly, and slow the unicycle until it stops. Then, you can make a foot off the pedal and use one hand to protect the unicycle, and after that, you can make the other foot off the pedal. Finally, you should turn off the power supply and fold the to use self balancing unicycle 5 get off the self balancing unicycle and stop cycling


In such a limited time, should we live more colorful? Is ordinary and mediocre life really good all the time?

If you don’ t want to continue to live in this way, you should be a little rebellious, occasionally trying small stimulus to make your life rich and colorful. You can try self balancing electric unicycle, which can add fresh energy to your life. In addition to making your life more colorful, it can permit you to less drive or not drive. Except that, it can also allow you not to take the crowded bus or subway, bringing you great comfort. You can even sleep 30 minutes longer in the morning, and then go out with the electric unicycle.
Self balancing electric unicycle is absolutely good assistance in life. First of all, it is a highly praised practical tool instead of walking. In addition, no matter it is appearance and internal part, this electric unicycle obtains indispensable elements in daily life. In appearance, it is only a wheel. One-wheel electric vehicle is to break the existing fixed thinking. One-wheel can be a traffic tool. This point alone, regardless of whether they are watching passersby or rider, can bring unparalleled freshness. When riding a the electric unicycle in the street, you will surely attract the attention of millions of people.
When such product enters into your life, it will intangibly bring you a different interest. IPS, as the leading brand of self balancing electric unicycle, is able to bring you a more colorful life, due to its continuous efforts. In a word, getting it for yourself, this high quality self balancing electric unicycle will make your life rich and colorful.


In our daily life, electrical things, such as electric unicycles, notebook computers, mobile phones, shavers and so on, cannot do without chargers. Using the original matched charger for normal and reasonable charging can maximize the service life of the product to the largest extent. Then, how can you judge whether electric unicycle charger is good or bad? How do you know whether the charger is matched with the electric unicycle or not? To find answers to those question, you can continue reading for more detailed information.
electric unicycle charger
Just from the appearance, you can check it to see whether the appearance is in good condition or not, whether there is a knock against damage and whether there is inspection certification, qualified number, and so on. You can also have a look at the manufacturer name and production date to see whether they are consistent or not. Considering various aspects, you can judge whether the charger is good or bad. If all of them are consistent, the quality of the charger is guaranteed.
electric unicycle charger
One the other hand, you can check electric unicycle battery voltage and charger output voltage, as well as the output current, and so on. Except that, you can also look at the type of battery. Electric unicycles using lithium battery or lead acid batteries use different chargers. Because of their different chemical composition, if mixed, it may cause damage to the battery. Attention should be paid to the plus and minus of charging interface. Generally, there will be common round head.
electric unicycle chargerelectric unicycle charger
When you choose electric unicycle charger, you can carefully check, choose and buy it according to the above guidance and instruction. If meeting all the above requirements, the charger you choose and buy for electric unicycle is definitely good high quality product, and you can use it at ease.