how to switch the mode of your smart wheel/scooter/mini segway/hover board

mini eletric scooter, or we call it smartwheel, mini segway, hover board, etc, which is absolutely the hotest product this year.


but do you know it has 2 different modes in the system and they are interchangable.

beginner mode: on this moede, the scooter is more slower and easier to balance, you feel not easy to speed up. it made for beginner or children.

sport mode: this mode has not speed limited, it is easy to speed up to max speed. it is for adult or player.

so, some player might found your scooter is slower than my friend’s, wonder if your scooter is defective? absolutely not. we are a ebay seller, a buyer ordered 4 scooters from us, and found 3 of them is slow and one is faster, he opened a dispute and we did not know they were in beginner mode, we had to refund to buyer. but later we when we knew the truth and told the buyer, he insist the scooter is defective.. T_T  we lost a lot. so we need to write a post to help every buyer and seller.

View the video. 

how to diagnose and repair broken hoverboard

This how-to generally works with most self balancing electric scooter smart wheel / hoverboard / mini segway

many issues arose due to some cables went loose or got  disconnected inside the control unit of the hoverboard

so what caused that? Vibration from riding or shabby workmanship from the factory that assembled hoverboard in a hurry and didn’t do extensive testing / QC.

usually it’s an easy DIY fix, which can save you a lot of headache and hassle trying to get a replacement.


the scooter has 3 circuit boards, one big main board and 2 co-board.

B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8

other light indication:

6 times at once: battery problem. try to replace a new battery.

7 times at once: battery side co-board problem. try to replace the co-board.

8 times at once: power button side co-board problem. try to replace the co-board.

how to reset the mini smart scooter (hover board) 

how to replace (change) circuit board for smart wheel scooter, hover board, mini segway