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Rolling In! Torque Sensor Electric Bike for Only $1200

Price reductions and budget-friendly high-spec offerings are becoming increasingly common in the overseas ebike market. In a previous article on the ...

Chinese Battery Overcapacity May Trigger EU Anti-Dumping Trade Protections

The European Parliament has expressed concerns that large-scale battery production in China, aided by government support, could lead to a dumping crisis in ...

$2,000 Subsidy! Atlanta Introduces Generous Incentives for Electric Bicycle Purchases

Electric bicycles, known for their low carbon footprint and eco-friendliness, have gained immense popularity overseas. Thanks to the growth in personal ...

Overseas Power Companies Introduce Fire-Resistant Electric Bicycle Battery Packs!

In recent years, there has been a growing number of fire incidents globally caused by poorly designed and uncertified lithium-ion batteries, sparking ...

Decathlon Introduces Ultralight Electric Road Bike Weighing Only 14 Kilograms, Priced at 2800 Euros!

Electric mobility has become a global trend, transforming the way people move. With a rising demand for urban commuting and recreational travel, electric ...

New Applications of Electric Bicycles in the Military: The French Military Introduces Electric Bicycles as Operational Tools

Electric bicycles are currently a highly popular mode of transportation, known for their versatility and convenience. They have extended into various ...

Segway unveils two new electric two-wheelers with a torque of up to 175 Nm and a maximum range of 150 kilometers!

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Segway has introduced two electric two-wheelers, one named Xafari, an electric bicycle, and the other ...

E-bike Leader DYU Zhixing Completes ¥100 Million in Series A Financing

With an annual shipment of 500,000 units, leading E-bike company DYU Zhixing recently completed ¥100 million in Series A financing, with Zhongjin Huirong ...

Europe’s Largest Shared Mobility Operator Emerges! Tier Mobility and Dott Announce Merger

After explosive growth and massive funding over the past few years, the shared mobility industry is now facing stricter regulations and higher user demands. ...

Bankruptcy Liquidation of U.S. E-bike Giant Superpedestrian: Auction of 20,000 Electric Bikes Begins!

The bankruptcy announcement of the U.S. e-bike giant Superpedestrian on December 31, 2023, has sparked widespread attention in the industry. Following the ...

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