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FuroSystems is launching a new Aventa urban electric bicycle

FuroSystems has just launched the new e-bike urban commuter venture, Aventa. Fresh off a €750,000 investment round, the British electric mobility firm ...

Electrify America opens 30 solar EV charging stations in California

Electric vehicle DC quick charging network In rural California, Electrify America has opened 30 solar EV charging stations, and they are free for clients ...

Renewable energy will be the leading source of US electricity

Renewable energy will be the leading source of US electricity by 2030 According to the US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook ...

Renewables will be America’s leading source of Electricity by 2030.

By 2030, renewables will collectively surpass natural gas as the predominant source of electricity generation in the US, according to the US Energy ...

Tesla reintroduces Enhanced Autopilot

Tesla reintroduces Enhanced Autopilot with some FSD features in Europe and China Tesla has once again introduced the Enhanced Autopilot packaged in Europe ...

Tesla New Semi Electric Truck

We have recently announced that a new semi-electric truck concept has been designed by Tesla, possibly the first in three years, ahead of the launch of ...

Volcon Electric Minibike for Kids

If you've heard of the Texas-based Volcon before, it's presumably because of the company's awesome off-road electric motorcycle known as the Grunt. But the ...

Company Revel to build DC fast charging stations for electric cars

Revel has announced plans to build DC fast charging stations, known as Revel Superhubs. The primary Revel Superhub will be sent in Brooklyn, where the ...

Amazon Starts Using Rivian Electric Van for Deliveries

Rivian took a $700 million round of Amazon-led investment in 2019, and they were exploring ways to collaborate together at the time. A couple months back, we ...

Porsche is 3D printing electric drive housings

Porsche is 3D printing electric drive housings that are lighter and more stronger than ordinary ones In December, Porsche declared that it had been 3D ...

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