8 Pack Bicycle Accessories, Bike Light Set USB Rechargeable, 1 Bike Water Bottle Holder, Bike Bag and 1 Bike Aluminum Bicycle Bell, Pump

Bike accessories packages:
1.Bike front light
2.bike back light
3.Bike water bottle holder
4.Bike chain lock
5.Bicycle mirror
6.Bicycle bag
7.Bicycle pump
8.Bicycle bell

How the usage the bike lock:
1.open the default code:00000
2.Turn the knob 90 degree
3.Set your New passwords(please remember your password)
4.Turn the knob 90 degree back
5.Lock your bike

Ride preparation:
First of all we need to check the brakes,
Make sure the suspension is the correct stiffness
Make sure that the saddle is in line with your hips
Prepare 8 Packs bicycle accessories, bike lights front and back, water bottle holder, bicycle bell, bike tire pump, bicycle pump, bike mirror, bike saddle bag and bicycle lock


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