Bike Shop Performance Repair Tool Kit

This bike repair kit helps you stay prepared with your basic bike riding tools. This toolkit’s compact design ensures it’s handy for home use or to bring on any cycling adventure. It comes in a durable hard-shell container that securely holds your equipment. Plus, there’s a strap that can be used to attach this bag to your bicycle. This kit includes the following items: multi-tool repair set, hand pump, chain tool, two tire levers, and a bone wrench. The multi-tool repair set covers the basic tools needed for easy shifting adjustments or tightening common bolts. Pump a flat tire with the compact hand pump. Use the chain tool to quickly fix a broken chain without carrying heavy tools on the road or trail. Two tire lever inserts beneath the tire bead make it easy to remove even tight tires. Plus, the bone wrench makes a repair tool especially handy for cycling enthusiasts.

  • Bike Repair Kit Features:
  • Description: This bike repair kit covers your basic bike-riding necessities.
  • Includes: Multi-tool repair set, hand pump, chain tool, bone wrench, and two tire levers.
  • Features: Durable hard-shell container securely holds your equipment.
  • Attachment: Strap can attach this bag to your bicycle.


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