Upgrade M365 Pro Dashboard Cover Replacement Circuit Board for Original Xiaomi M365 /M365 Pro Electric Scooter Parts Accessories

Installation Steps

1) Use a wrench to remove the four affixing screws on the original pole.

2) Use a tool to open the sticker, pull it open, and remove the original circuit board cover.

Use a screwdriver to remove the three affixed screws from the circuit board.

3) Pull out the headstock, then pull out the main control line.

4) Carefully separate the 3 different wires of the terminals.

5) First, install the connector. Make sure pins are aligned correctly according to its direction,

and the wires’ color.

6) Place the wire well, do not pull it in the screw hole. Put it in the screw hole. Put the circuit

board in the correct direction and gently install it.

7) Test it and install the cover back

Packing List

  • 1* Installation Instructions
  • 1 * M365 Pro Dashboard
  • 1 * protect cover and the sticker
  • 1 tool and 4 screws

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