Kryptonics Micro Pyramid Skating Ramp

The Micro Pyramid is the perfect street setup for personal use. The ramps and box come ready to shred and just need to be connected- sets up in no time at all. Established in 1965, Kryptonics? is one of the most authentic brands in skateboarding and still remains an innovating force in the industry today. Kryptonics? changed the game in 1976 by developing the first urethane skateboard wheel, and the innovation hasn?t stopped since. Kryptonics? now dominates the market with a lineup of complete skateboards – including cruisers, longboards, standard 31 in skatepark models and retro poly plastic ?torpedo” boards. Every detailed construction of deck, truck, bearing and wheel is considered to reach all age groups and riding styles. Kryptonics? completes come fully assembled with grip-tape and skate hardware, make sure to adjust trucks based on skating preference and ability and remove the protective wheel cover which may be installed. Always remember to wear skateboard protective gear (skate helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and/or wrist guards) that supports the rider?s skill level.

  • 56×39.5×15.5cm molded polypropylene ramp
  • Four way, molded polypropylene bridge
  • 49″ x 6.5″ x 62″ assembled dimensions
  • 175lb weight limit, ages 7+


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